From director Kevin Greutert of the SAW franchise comes a disturbing vision of a fractured family that will do anything to get the son they love back from the cult that has taken control of his mind.

A young man, Justin Powell (Ben Sullivan), is held up at gunpoint by two ski-masked men and dragged back to a secluded cabin. This isn’t a standard kidnapping, as Justin’s estranged family is at the cabin waiting for him. Composed of Justin’s father Andrew (Johnathon Schaech), mother Kathy (Deborah Kara Unger), brother Campbell (Nick Roux) and former girlfriend Samantha (Chelsea Ricketts) (who has recently given birth to their child), Justin’s family is dedicated to freeing him from the brainwashing he’s undergone at the hands of a vicious cult.

With the help of Jimmy Levine (Stephen Dorff), an experienced cult deprogrammer, the family does their best to bring Justin back to reality.

Everything goes awry when the cult descends upon the cabin, demanding Justin back. A vicious battle unfolds, testing familial loyalties and unleashing a bloodbath in which there are few survivors.

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