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Sunao Katabuchi

Sunao Katabuchi

Sunao Katabuchi began his career working closely with Hayao Miyazaki before directing his own animated films, including Katabuchi’s acclaimed animated features MAI MAI MIRACLE and PRINCESS ARETE.



An innocent, kind-hearted girl, who moves to Kure after marrying Houjou Shūsaku. She loves drawing and has a knack for it. She is hardworking and strives to overcome the difficulties of war-torn Japan.



Suzu's husband, an earnest and quiet man. He works as a judicial officer at the military court in Kure. He gets drafted into the navy in 1945. He loves Suzu dearly and respects her painting hobby.



Suzu's younger sister and a beauty. After Suzu's wedding, Sumi is employed as a factory worker by the Imperial Japanese Army.



Suzu's childhood friend. In his childhood, Suzu drew a picture for him. During the war, he served aboard the Japanese cruiser Aoba as a sailor.



Suzu's sister-in-law and Harumi's mother. She initially acts coldly towards Suzu, but gradually begins to warm up to her and eventually accepts Suzu as a member of the family.



Suzu's niece and Keiko's daughter. She is a little girl aged 5 or 6. She gets along with Suzu and is fond of seeing warships in the sea.