“With its distinctive style and timely message, this kid-friendly story of a group of friends who stand up to a fear-mongering television bully could resonate with voters. Made in Brazil, the expressionistic toon’s hand-painted look recalls last year’s Loving Vincent.” - PETER DeBRUGE, Variety

“Glorious oil-painting visuals combined with an eccentric but impassioned political allegory keep this unusual Brazilian animation airborne.” GUY LODGE, Variety

“One of the most memorable films of 2018” – ELVIS MITCHELL, Film Curator of Film Independent and host of KCRW “The Treatment”

"A stunningly unique and beautiful animated gem" -OKTAY EGE KOZAK, Paste Magazine

“The animation on display is gorgeous. Blending digital, graphic animation, and oil paintings, the style is unique and colorful.” -ALAN FRENCH, Awards Circuit

“ Gorgeous to look at and such a lovely, timely message.” -CLAUDIA PUIG, LAFCA

“Exquisite” – BILL DESOWITZ, Indiewire

“The animated Brazilian parable and fantasy Tito and the Birds crafts dazzling images through a combination of line drawings, painterly brush work, and computer animation in service of a story that blends childlike imagination with modern day social and political fears.” -ANDREW PARKER, The Gate

“It's a gorgeous film, both in the way it looks and its story, and one that I hope finds a global audience as it certainly deserves the attention and acclaim.” –ALEX BILLINGTON,