a shy but resourceful 10-year-old who goes on an epic quest to save his friends and family from a dangerous epidemic

a fun and confident friend of Tito. Her drive helps him on his adventure, even when the situation looks dire.

a lifelong friend of Tito, this shy boy has amazing hacker skills. When he disappears after falling ill, Tito decides to find a cure.

a rich and popular kid, Téo initially bullied kids like Tito, but eventually builds a friendship with him and Sarah. Together, they will search for a cure to the outbreak.

Tito’s anxious and overprotective mother. Tito knows he needs to find a cure when Rosa falls victim to the epidemic of fear.

Tito’s father. He’s been absent for many years, but Tito believes his research holds the key to the cure.

a shady villain who spreads fear through his TV show while also making a fortune selling safe condos.