The Boxcar Children Surprise Island


Henry-Griffin Gluck

Henry (Griffin Gluck)
is the oldest of the Alden children. He works hard to be a good role model for his siblings. He loves building and repairing things.


Jessie-Joey King

Jessie (Joey King)
is the oldest sister of the Alden children. She is good at taking charge of a situation and is very organized and tidy. She enjoys cooking and making lists.


Violet - Talitha Bateman

VIOLET (Talitha Bateman)
is the young Alden sister, Violet is a bit shy and very creative. She loves to draw, take photos and play the violin.


Benny - Carter Sand

Benny (Carter Sand)
is the youngest Alden child, he is full of curiosity and questions. He enjoys playing with their dog, Watch.


Grandfather - Martin Sheen

Grandfather (Martin Sheen)
After finding his lost grandchildren, J. H. Alden is thrilled to have his family back in his life.


Joe - Dane DeHaan

Joe (Dane DeHaan)
is a mysterious young man who lives on the island. He is very kind and happy to help the children in their adventures.




Watch - the family dog

is the beloved family dog.
He loves playing with the kids.