MANOU (Josh Keaton)

Manou is a young swift who was adopted by a young gull couple. Manou is quick and agile, he is always happy, very smart but he cannot fly like a seagull. He is growing by learning to be himself and stop copying the others.


BLANCHE (Kate Winslet)

Blanche is Manou‘s adoptive mother. She approves fairness and justice - in her world all the birds are the same. She is lively, emotional and speaks out her mind.


YVES (Willem Dafoe)

Yves is the captain of the seagull’s colony and Manou´s adoptive father. He is a proud gull with an air of natural authority but can be a bit arrogant and snobby.


KALIFA (Cassandra Steen)

Kalifa is a cheeky, smart and responsible swift – she has to be like this to survive in the loud and chaotic swift colony.


LUC (Mikey Kelley)

Luc is a seagull and Manou’s little brother. Luc loves to lay in the sun and dream the whole day.


PONCHO (Arif S. Kinchen)

Poncho is Kalifa’s Brother, a teenage Swift

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