Many many years ago, when the trees were tall, the old ducks had feathers on their heads, and the Sun shone for everybody alike, on a faraway island there lived a Sun Duck whom protected his flock from evil powers threatening from the outside. The Sun Duck had his loyal guardians who vigilantly supervised the territory and made sure the Sun evenly spread its energy on their flourishing land. The bliss continued until an Evil Witch learned of the Sun Duck’s superpowers and lost her sleep in an attempt to enslave the magic bird. One by one she seized the guardians and stole the Sun Duck away for the only sake every living woman would understand: eternal youth and mesmerizing beauty.

Today, nobody believes in old legends, Mandarin ducks peacefully reside on their island and abide by the law that prescribes «no flying on the island!» and «never leave the island!». The Emperor is the only one who knows that the Legend is true and the next generation Sun Duck has been borne. He keeps it in strict secrecy, but the Witch also knows the Legend is true and she is coming back for her next victim.

Longway is the son of the leader of the flock, a young drake. He is the next generation Sun Duck who possesses superpowers and can control the Sun’s energy. But he knows nothing of his superpowers.

Erica is the only daughter of the Military Mallards’ Commander, young, independent, brave, impulsive, curious and very proactive.

Duckmus is a warrior, a commander, a natural leader. He is never mistaken, and even when he is, see item 1 above. He is practically incapable of admitting mistakes.

Pengli is the Mandarin Ducks’ Emperor. He is a philosopher and a family man, he is emotional (shifts from calm to irritation and back in no time) and a master of kung fu.

Duane is a young social climber. He is a schemer, mean and cowardly, and he goes out of his way to show his willingness to do Duckmus’ bidding.

Ms. Knout is overbearing, clever, reckless, deceitful and cruel. Movements resemble those of a cat. All her clothes are made of natural materials (leather, wool and fur). She never parts with her favorite accessory, her leather whip, which becomes an extension of her arm.

Policeman is a tall, strong and handsome man as a real arm of law should be. He is all-around person: photography, beatbox and pretty Miss Knout are among his interests.

Kianga is a simpleton. He is a Shina’s easily manipulated friend. Fat, physically strong and naive. Despite being a criminal, he is a good-natured man.

Shina is a professional poacher, slim, talkative and sly; he thinks himself clever and tries to act as the leader with his business partner. Not too strong physically.


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