(voiced by Chloé Dunn)s

Sacha is a 14-year-old young girl. Born to an aristocratic family from Saint Petersburg in Russia, she adores her grandfather, Oloukine, who often told her of his expeditions. Two years ago, Oloukine left on board his magnificent ship to conquer the North Pole. Inheriting his courage and tenacity, Sacha will risk everything to find her grandfather's ship and launch herself into this great adventure at the top of the world.

(voiced by 
Geoffrey Greenhill)

Sacha’s grandfather is a captain in the Russian Navy. He is a wealthy explorer who spent his life at sea in far-flung expeditions. His dream has always been to conquer the North Pole and he is ready to risk everything to do it. He is determined and self-assured and never hesitates to say what he thinks, even to people of power, which is why he made a few enemies at the Tsar's Palace.


(voiced by Bibi Jacob)

She is Oloukine’s daughter and Sacha’s mother. She tries to protect her daughter but sees very well that Sacha inherited the stubborn and passionate personality of her grandfather.


(voiced by Martin Lewis)

Sacha's father is a senior official of the Russian administration. He hopes to be named Russian ambassador in Rome. When Prince Tomsky, the Tsar’s nephew, announces his visit to the Palace, Ivan thinks his nomination is imminent. On top of this, it seems like the Prince fancies Sacha… Tchernetsov hopes to make a beautiful marriage that would bring him closer to the Tsar’s family.


(voiced by Tom Morton)

Nephew of the Tsar, he has just been named scientific counselor. He is very comfortable in the conspiracies and plots of the Palace. He uses a mistake made by Sacha as a pretext for a scandal and to discredit the Tchernetsovs.


(voiced by Claire Harrison-Bullett)

Nadya is Sacha’s friend. Rather conscious of her appearance, she mostly thinks about her dresses and dancing. She finds Prince Tomsky absolutely charming.

(voiced by Vivienne Vermes)

She runs an inn in the port of Arkhangelsk. Used to facing down the Siberian and the North seas sailors who come to dock in the port, she has a strong and rather rough temperament. Touched by Sacha’s despair, she gives her the possibility to work for her at the inn.

(voiced by Peter Hudson)

Lund is the captain of the Norge, a ship that transports merchandise between different ports of the North seas. He’s a man of few words. He is very hard on his brother Larson. They inherited their ship from their Norwegian father. But it is Lund who became captain thanks to his seriousness and his sailing capacities.

(voiced by Antony Hickling)

He’s Lund’s brother. He is a bit flirty and often puts himself in tricky situations from which his brother Lund has to get him out. When Lund gets hurt, Larson must learn responsibility and leadership.

(voiced by Tom Perkins)

Katch is a mate – a young apprentice sailor, who takes care of the most annoying tasks – cleaning the dock and peeling the vegetables. He plays tough but he’s still a sweet and tender kid.