WALLY: the hero of the story. He is amenable, weak-willed, a bit cowardly. Having long ago convinced himself that there are limits to what one can accomplish, he has chosen to accept and live in harmony with his fears, rather than facing them head on. But a new adventure will change all of that.
KRASH: the life of any party, highly skilled in rough-and-tumble activities, and video gaming. Wally’s exact opposite, Krash is the constant focus of his jealousy.
DOKKO: an amateur scientist who dreams of making the world a better place with his inventions. Creator of the ‘improverizer’ – a device used to effortlessly acquire anyone else’s skills, thus improving oneself.
CHIKO: Krash’s kind-hearted, unassuming brother-in-arms. His naturally friendly demeanor makes Chiko a perfect (and much-needed) peacemaker.
ROSA: a strong-willed, decisive beauty, who will not let herself be pushed into the background.
BARRY: an avid gardener. Barry is plain-spoken, occasionally appearing rude, but beneath his gruff exterior beats a heart of gold.
PIN: a rationalist inventor, unhinged pilot, and a penguin with his feet planted firmly on the ground. Does not believe in superstitions, omens, and other nonsense.
CARLIN: a ponderer, a skeptic, and an instigator, whose considerable life experience gets him (and his friends) out of all sorts of predicaments.
OLGA: in contrast to Rosa, is a homebody and prefers to forego adventures for the comfort of home, hearth, and the delight of warm milk.