Itsy Bitsy
“Strong performances, a fine sense of gothic atmosphere and a good use of puppetry and makeup — combined with the subtle linkage between the heroine’s personal problems and her persistent eight-legged nemesis — make this a promising debut feature for director Micah Gallo.” - Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

“Don’t let Itsy Bitsy fly under the radar. It’s a solid feature debut with strong acting and even stronger practical effects.” “Itsy Bitsy is a strong, entertaining, and creepy film you shouldn’t miss.” - Modern Horrors

“The gothic atmosphere and the disgustingly gooey special effects are the main attraction. The existential dread is just an extra.” - Los Angeles Times 

“Roberts delivers a strong, emotionally complex turn as the troubled mom, and Perrin and Darbo are very natural and sympathetic as the children in peril." - The Hollywood Reporter  

In Select Theaters, Digital and On Demand August 30, 2019

Laemelle Glendale – Los Angeles
Chatham Studio Movie Grill – Chicago
Varsity – Seattle
NW HWY Studio Movie Grill – Dallas
Emagine Lakeville – Minneapolis
Pearland Studio Movie Grill – Houston
Westown Movies – Philadelphia
Marietta Studio Movie Grill – Atlanta
Emagine Canton – Detroit
Barnstorm Theater 
– The Villages, FL
World Premiere Advance Screening – 8/10 – 
Popcorn Frights Film Festival – Ft. Lauderdale
Advance Promotional Screening – 8/22 – Bowtie Cinema – Franklin Square, NY 

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A single mother, Kara (Elizabeth Roberts), moves from New York to the quiet countryside with her two children for a job opportunity she can't afford to turn down. The family moves into their humble new guesthouse, where her teenage son, Jesse (Arman Darbo), begins the unhappy task of looking after his little sister, Cambria (Chloe Perrin). Kara begins her work as a private nurse to Walter (Bruce Davison), a man stricken with multiple sclerosis and an appraiser of rare antiquities ... but Walter's secret past soon invites doom and terror. Jesse discovers a mysterious relic of ancient origin that had been brought to the household by Ahkeeba (Treva Etienne), a shady international associate of Walter's. All too quickly they discover that the relic contains more than just legends and myths. Inside waits a terrifying creature born of ancient darkness and pure instinct: a prehistoric cave spider unlike the modern world has ever seen.

CAST: Bruce Davison, Denise Crosby, Elizabeth Roberts, Treva Etienne, Eileen Dietz, Matty Cardarople, Chloe Perrin and Arman Darbo
DIRECTOR: Micah Gallo

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Itsy Bitsy - Always Check Under the Bed.