Humor Me will humor you — and then some. It’s one of the best films of its kind, along with Albert Brooks’ Mother and In Her Shoes, in which a floundering adult gets back on track with help from a senior-age parent (or grandparent). … smart, warm and authentic thanks to Clement’s enjoyably hangdog turn and Hoffman’s wonderfully incisive script.”
–Los Angeles Times

“A stellar cast including Annie Potts and Bebe Neuwirth … Mr. Clement works wonders with a deadpan expression.”
–The New York Times

“Heartwarming family comedy [that] taps into some complicated topics in a playful and poignant way.”

Humor Me is a feel-good charmer.”

“Comic comfort food, ably brought off by Jemaine Clement and especially Elliott Gould.” –Movie Nation

“Gould’s comedic timing is perfection.” –Behind the Lens

“Clement makes a winsome sad sack hero.”
–The Hollywood Reporter

“A touching family story. … Gould is masterful.”
–Tribune News Service

Humor Me is a valentine to literal Dad jokes. … It’s a cute movie.”

“A hilarious comedy worthy of the big screen.”

“A warm, witty response to dark times.”
–Hollywood in Toto


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